The Benefits of Using Electric Breastpumps

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An electric breast pump is basically a simple mechanical device that lactating mothers use to manually extract milk out of their breasts. Generally, they are manual devices operated by hand or human foot movements or electric ones powered by batteries. They are useful in different situations such as expressing milk when traveling and at work. Some models come with extra features, such as bottle holders and extra straps for additional comfort and convenience.

One advantage of using an electric breast pump for producing breast milk is that it can be used for many years with little maintenance and hassle. Moms who own electric pumps usually use them exclusively for about six months before going back to using a manual pump. Some mothers however continue to use them even after their infant has been weaned off breast milk. Why? If a mom chooses to breastfeed her baby until he is weaned off breast milk, she can do so until he is ready to eat solid food. This is often considered healthier than leaving his little mouth open to receive some food himself.

Experts say the advantages of electric breast pump over the manual ones are that there is less effort required while pumping. This translates to faster milk extraction results for moms. The electric ones have fewer parts and are easier to clean. However, experts say that although the advantage of less effort is very good, one should not rely solely on the advantage to get its optimal benefits.

Using an electric breast pump can also be inconvenient when it comes to transferring the milk from the breast to the baby's mouth. Most electric breast pump models are designed to be used while the baby is asleep. However, it can be difficult to completely remove the milk if the baby is awake. Some experts recommend using an electric breast pump whenever the baby is not nursing. Nonetheless, most experts say that it is still best to use a manual breastfeed until the baby is old enough to nurse on his own. Once he is old enough to take in the nipple himself, then you can switch to using the electric one.

Electric double breast pumps are more expensive than manual ones. But most moms who have experienced using electric ones say that it is well worth the money. Aside from the convenience of easy portability, moms will surely appreciate knowing that the milk they will extract will be of higher quality and safer. Moms who have two babies can greatly benefit from using these double pumps. They can ensure that each baby receives only the best. For more on these electric breast pumps, see here.

There are lots of electric breast pump brands available today. Some are geared towards low-flow models that can be used at home, while others have high-flow versions that can be used in the hospital or at daycares. Most of them have safety features like shut off units that prevent the motor from getting too hot. But regardless of the brand, all of them can help mothers breastfeed their babies with much ease. They are truly worthwhile investments that every mother should consider getting for her precious babies. You can learn more on this topic here: